Acebook asexual dating site

Basically, if you can imagine a relationship configuration, someone somewhere is probably in it.

Who you are or are not attracted to does not dictate the relationships you can form in your life.

Obviously, mixed relationships require a lot of communication, but–news flash! If you only want to have relationships with other aces, okay.But mixed relationships an option for aces who want nonsexual relationships.I do have to say, though, some people seem to treat ace/ace relationships as though they are the holy grail of relationships and can do no wrong.The fact of the matter is that relationships are hard, and just because two people share a sexual orientation doesn’t mean that they will be compatible in other areas.If you’re looking for platonic or queerplatonic relationships, several of the personals sites in that list I linked to at the beginning cater to people who want platonic relationships. There some aces who are in LDRs with allosexuals (thus taking care of the sex issue by means of lack of proximity).

I believe there are also some options on tumblr for people who want platonic partnerships, but I’m having trouble refinding links… However, I would really strongly caution against lying to or deceiving your partner(s) about your sexuality and desires.Ace/ace relationships can have problems–just like all other relationships–so I would warn against falling into a “if only I could find another ace to date, everything would be sparkles and cupcakes and unicorns! Possibility #2: Date an allosexual who wants a nonsexual relationship.I know that a lot of the times in these sorts of blog posts, aces tend to paint allosexual people as though they are sex-driven machines that will die if they have too long a dry spell, but the fact of the matter is that sexual desire (like sexual orientation) is a spectrum, and there are some allosexual people who just aren’t that into sexual intercourse.There are also some allosexual people who will date someone they’re romantically (but not sexually) attracted to.Just because someone isn’t ace doesn’t mean that dating them will require sexy times, so don’t write off 99% of the population without actually having a conversation with them.Because there isn’t much pre-existing literature on this topic (and I’m attempting an overview/brainstorm here), this post won’t be terribly detailed, but hopefully once people start talking about this stuff, more detailed posts will come along! If you want to date other aces, there are ace dating sites such as Acebook or the single aces tumblr.