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If anyone asks for it, they can have piece after a healthy meal. Hey, let’s see what’s up there in the top of the cupboard right now!Those Twizzlers came home in February, I think; we still have about half of them.

I’m feeling okay about allowing some rebellion against my food standards.

With these core principles embedded in their minds, I trust that my kids will make choices, anyway, than if I just gave up on trying!

I think that by starting kids off with healthy foods, we set their bodies’ expectations.

By showing them how home cooking is done on a regular basis, we teach them that it’s a normal part of life.

As soon as I moved from the dorm to an apartment with a real kitchen, the meals I made for myself improved.

In my late twenties, I got more interested in health, food safety, and my food’s effect on the environment–and that led to big changes that brought me closer to the way my mother cooks.I feel despair at the amount of junk he’s already eaten and the obvious excess of junk other parents bought for the party and the constant tide of junk infiltrating our home.I take a deep breath and put the candy in the top of the cupboard. It sat inside my head and exerted a constant pressure even when I was home alone or hanging with other teens and I binged on candy. And I felt the consequences of breaking it even if my parents never knew.Tangentially related are Straw Hypocrite (hating someone for not sincerely holding beliefs that the hater never admired in the first place) and Straw Affiliation (criticizing someone for not being a "true" exemplar of a group to which the critic does not belong). Remember, this trope is specifically for examples where the hate comes from not pleasing a group that it never planned to reach in the first place.Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch when you're fall here unless the work has a Fleeting Demographic (such as a lot of kids' shows, teen pop music, etc.) and the fan has grown out of it.This is not to say that the dislike is always undeserved.