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Glenn Mittler is fulfilling a lifelong interest in Glenn Miller by researching his life and career.

Major Glenn Miller is a topic that raises some questions.

Can anyone describe or provide film footage, photographs or information about Major Miller performing with his Army Air Force band at Signal Corps Photographic Center?

As you know, a lot of the cameramen brought home their own photos that they took and either never sent for publication or they were rejected for use and they kept.

I was wondering if you could put a notice for assistance/wanted on the site about they types of photos I am looking for?

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Glenn Miller Battle footage sought Artillery film at Ft.

If you have information about Noble, contact Neil Upchurch at Does anyone have film or photographs of the presentation of the All Army Flag to Ft. CW2 (Ret.) Dave Brouchoud, a volunteer member of the post Color Guard, had the honor of carrying the flag after it was presented to the commanding general. Reisler photographed and apparently romanced and Italian lady at the end of WWII. In an other dusty box I found a group of letters belonging to my mother teens years; there was one posted from Long Island City full of niceties and word of affection that touch me deeply. Actually she went on to Milan Art Academy , became an artist ( she even did a few exhibit in the USA ) mother ,grandmother and great grandmother!

Dave figures there might be film or photos in the archives. Monmouth from 1957 through September 1959, where he was an instructor with the MOS of 202.68. The .68 means instructor.) While Army film and photos from that era were transferred to the National Archives, there may also be pictures or footage in private hands. Now the lady's daughter wonders about the mysterious photographer: "I am an Italian lady, who's mother still alive but with serious Alzheimer's , lived through out the II W. So I discovered that my mom ,at 18 ,had a romance with the mysterious photograph that had taken the pictures . As we are putting together memories for our children and granchildren, I would like to know more about m. I know from the memories of my younger uncle that they call him Bob and he was a very nice person. My mother family name is Gambini Rossano , her name is Amelia , the city is Senigallia ,the province Ancona.

(I regret to note that many film prints were destroyed at that time to recover the silver, but I presume original materials were all saved.

Based on films turning up in commercial video releases and on You Tube, it appears in the last few years that NARA has accelerated their cataloging and release of military films." Bob Moss wrote, "I live in a very small town in Montana. James (Jim) Strizich, served in the Artillery, 2nd Armor Division, in Fort Hood, Texas in late 1965.

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