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For example, a Mc Donaldís garden salad has only 70k J (17cal), 0.1g fat and 18mg sodium.Look for a salad based on leafy greens with as many different colours as possible!

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This means you’ll save time and won’t have to spend ages staring at the menu trying to work out the best option.

We’re not recommending fast food as a regular part of your diet, but you can feel confident that these are some of the best choices you can make when you need to. This can add thousands of kilojoules without you even realising.

Sometimes half a wrap is enough, so check the nutrition info and your hunger.

Watch the sauces and cheeses too - mayo, sweet chilli, relish, Caesar and even hommous and avocado can all add up if more than one is used.

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Never supersize and try not to order a meal deal, as adding a small fries and Coke can almost double the number of kilojoules in your meal (if you add large fries and Coke you’ll triple the kilojoules! For example, mayo on the Nando’s Supremo Chicken Burger adds an extra 2g fat. For example, the Hungry Jacks Veggie Whopper has 3037k J (727cal), 41.7g fat and 1492mg sodium, that’s more than a Mc Donaldís Big Mac!

Ask for grilled rather than fried wherever you can and you’ll get less fat and kilojoules.

Just ask for no mayo.1622k J/388cal, 12.2g protein, 9.8g fat, 1.2g sat fat and 644mg sodium.