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Cue Sherlock and John, who always seem to attract whatever universe they're written in. Greg Lestrade gets tied naked to a fence after getting drunk with his friends, and who should help but the nerdy book worm Mycroft Holmes. Slash; Inhalt: Trunks leidet, denn Goten sein bester Freund und Liebhaber hat ihn grundlos verlassen. After going to a party together, Derek learns just how unintentionally seductive his friend Sam can be. I do not own One Piece and make no profit off of this fanfic. Author's Note will explain Sheldon makes some discoveries in the North Pole - just not the discoveries he had hoped to make.

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He's on the edge of his rope, Draco knows that, but can Draco realize his feelings and try to save Harry from himself, before it's too late? And falls into a long-distance relationship with an enigmatic partner who reminds him of Sherlock in all the right ways. 'Home' gets a whole different meaning when James' home turns out to be none other than Lucius Malfoy. Warning: Slash, Lime: Hx D, OOCDraco, letzter Teil up Als Draco Malfoy vor der Zaubertrankklasse zusammenbricht, weiß niemand was mit ihm los ist bis Hermine sein Tagenbuch findet.

(Hint: it turns out to be Sherlock.) Updated in real time! After eleven years of relative peace on Baker Street, an old acquaintance comes to pay a visit. Not only does Lucius' voice spur him on, guide the way, make him feel safe, let him hide deeper and deeper - not only are his words the most beautiful ever spoken during lovemaking - no, once, he also sang under the shower. TJ has a secret, and the one person that could be his salvation is the one he fears to tell the most. In a universe where a set of ears and a tail indicate your innocence, where your absolute and total being-a-virgin is fueled only by little catlike purrs you make, James Potter wakes up having to face the great hall without his ears and tail- oh my. Kennst du die Geschichte von dem unentdeckten Geheimgang, der als Notausgang von den Gründern eingerichtet worden ist? Und warum ist Harry plötzlich eifersüchtig auf seine Freundin?

The story begins with Sherlock's arrest,ventures into the events when his game is on again and explains why Moriarty suddenly shows up.

Also explores the turn in Sherlock & John's relationship. Relationship Greg and Mycroft follow events of my Story "Five Times" up to Mystrade in the last chapter. What's even more brilliant is the fact that Sherlock is crazy aroused whenever John shows the rest of the world that he's a lot smarter than he looks, he just doesn't look it because he lives with Sherlock. He is special and perfect and breathtakingly beautiful.

At one point in time Mycroft had an eating disorder which actually put him in the hospital - ever since Sherlock's been asking about his brother's diet and seeing if he's eating enough. Seeing as John's never seen him manage even two days, it seems like an easy wager to win. after all, there could be a better use for that mouth.

(That doesn't mean John won't cheat, though.)What happened after Sherlock got arrested upon killing Magnussen? Sometimes, Puck wishes Finn would just stop talking . If you don't like any of these pairings don't read. Disclaimer: I don't own South Park or any of its characters. She watched, unable to move as Brewster held her brother against the back wall, their lips pressed together in a heated looking kiss." Brewster/Blathers. He wants to know her, but ends up realizing his old feelings for Draco along the way. After Dash left, Danny tried to move on, to no avail. Life had always been hard for Steven Hyde but he's now doubting himself and the people around him. But a certain demon doesn't want that to happen and has a plan. It smells bad, it looks terrible and his house is boring. Especially when Miyu used to chase Akamaru years ago. Leonard and Sheldon aren't a couple, they're just roommates, so they can't break up. Written for a prompt for an asexual Sheldon dealing with a break-up with Leonard. Both sides struggle with the reality of possibly being gay then a kid gets thrown into the mix... Loomer/Ned smex later on.*After the Island* Ralph feels that he is alone in the world, and when put into a boarding school, he can't cope with other boys. Oliver was happy, way too happy, so it wasn't a surprised to see him grinning all the time at people or see him occasionally dancing in the hallways and outside. Marcus smirked, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Try Me" The Gryffindor Quidditch team has a stalker, Percy gets a shock, Marcus has a secret, and Oliver is caught in the middle of it all, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. Ace get an interesting secret gift from Luffy's wife and he can't wait to use it. Having grown up in South Park, Clyde knows there's no such thing as a dull moment. New relationships are always tough in the beginning—even more so when the person you're romantically involved with is Sherlock Holmes. I think we all know that I don't own Animal Crossing. Harry still loves Draco, but can they be together after nine years of heartbreak? As the gang gathers again in Amity Park, new threats lurk in the shadows. (Dash x Danny)[Reviews/Feedback/Requests are begged for and much appreciated.] Finally together, Sheldon is worried Penny is still after Leonard and he's not good enough to be better than her as a partner... It isn't all bad though, he quickly makes friends with his paranoid neighbor Tweek Tweak. Zo San, San Zo, zoroxsanji, sanjixzoro, Mihawkx Zoro. Most kids get nervous when wanting to tell their parents something important. He can't remember a thing, but surprisingly, there are two people next to him: a redhead and brunette. A lot of scotch and a lot of appletinis mix it up and what do you get? MALEXMALE MATURE-ISH AND JDXDRCOX MPREGKindergoth is now in highschool with a new alias, Shift. But what happens when Jack goes to the same school? First-year cadet Jim Kirk makes it his mission to change that, and ends up succeeding in ways neither of them thought possible. Join them in their journey of finding love of their family, of their friends, and the most important, towards each other. It was just a normal day in Casper High until a new Cirque came to town and Dash seems to act differently at their arrival. Tweek has gotten into a bad habit, well he has a few of those but his new one is staring at a certain boy. Because he catches a glimpse of something that makes him happy. Kevin Stoley and Clyde Donovan go on a date, on their way home Clyde trips. Harry will do anything to get him back - even if that means making a fool of himself. CREEK, CRIAGXBEBE, DIP and ONESIDED CRAIGXPIP"They all had one mother and one father... Now this fact had never bothered Darren before, he knew his two dads loved each other and loved him and his brother very much. "*Original idea by White Wind13, given to me* Derek is thrown out of his home for something he can't control. And what will happen when Sam finds out what Derek has been harboring for the past year? Draco and Potter once again find themselves fighting. Danny doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. Sanji drinks a love potion without knowing it and the potion makes him fall in love with the first person he sees which in his case is Zoro. Remember when Ron first wanted to Join the Squad as a Cheerleader? Now Danny need to figure out what was happening to Dash and all the why's there is. That boy lends him something and they quickly become friends. Sherlock investigates an elementary school shooting and parenthood makes it difficult. Things get interesting when Sanji finds out he's that something. What happens while Kevin is rushing off to get a first aid kit? Written as a gift for the dream on Live Journal Sanji hates cold weather 'cause it's hard for him to cook. Sokka sees an unexpected side of Zuko - his heroic side. SLASH Sam/Derek Anti-Mary-Sue Kimiko knew her and Ken were meant to be together from the first time she saw him. But what happens when Draco's spell goes wrong, and he has to take care of an indisposed Potter? Post-War Fic*Fortsetzung von Sternschnuppen* Weihnachten naht -nichtx D- , doch da Krieg ist bleiben nur wenige Schüler im Schloß. When Danny goes to Dash for comfort as Phantom, and they become something more, how does it go down? Now, however, he was pretty sure that that response would land him in an institution, and that, only if he was very lucky. But I never imagined this."When a small child is left at Beavis and Butthead's doorstep, Beavis decides to take it in and care for him (much to Butthead's dismay). Ein einzelner Satz – und er geht einem nicht mehr aus dem Kopf, ganz egal was man macht oder tut. Harry und Draco geraten aufgrund eines Unfalles in die Zeit ihrer Eltern: Ins 7.