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Here are 8 simple signs to look out for: Poor communicators often feel frustrated that they don’t get feedback – in meetings, emails, project planning, etc.They present their ideas, explain their plan, and wait for questions or comments, but get nothing. Being a good communicator requires the ability to sit back and listen, in a way that invites conversation.

It can be difficult, as is changing any behavior, but it is a straightforward process.

Even better, there are plenty of tools that can help you both identify if your communication skills need work and help guide you through the process of improving them.

Be conscious of leaving space and time for input, and don’t present ideas in a final “This is how it is and there are no possible alternatives” manner.

If you find a large portion of your communication with co-workers, managers, and employees begins with the word “You” and a directive (“are”, “should”, “will”, etc.

Using sarcasm or passive-aggression is often seen as a personal attack, and can escalate an already tricky conflict-resolution scenario.

The good news is that changing the way you communicate is not terribly complicated.Poor communicators, on the other hand, constantly feel stymied in everything they do and tend to under perform relative to their potential.So how can you tell if you have poor communication skills, and what can you do about it?Instead of using “you” followed by a directive, consider using “you”-neutral statements – the word “you”, followed by a statement of fact – “I noticed, you were the last person to arrive” or “Last week on Monday, you had agreed to get that report to me by end of day”.The people you are communicating with will feel less defensive, and are more likely to respond positively.While it’s easy to assign much of this success to better technical skills – after all, most people think of companies as meritocracies where talent rises to the top – the answer is probably something less expected: communication skills.