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So please know that there is at least one person, and likely many others, who are pulling for you.This is not just because you posted your message, but because your message touched me, and, I hope, others.

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A brain bleed that would be like a stroke is the risk if I don't have it.

Besides being scared I think of waking into the hospital at dawn alone.

I hope that your tests will find something really minor.

Whatever happens, let's take it one step at a time. It's like nobody told you the dangers of the internet.

The hospital I was is in a highly competitive market, so the staff was very friendly and I always felt like I had plenty of opportunity to converse during the day (and night).

They want repeat business and good word of mouth from their surviving patients. Most people don't CHOOSE to be alone--it just happens over the years, particularly if you are not wired to be extraverted.

I then set out to change my life and never go through something like that again alone. Unless it's unavoidable, it's better not to bother other people with one's troubles.

Also, being in the hospital is stressful enough that you don't need the extra stress of getting your family through it.

I know the term "social worker" may conjure up negative images for some, but some very close friends of mine from grad school are licensed social workers and, when they work at hospitals, it is precisely to help clients/patients figure out how to set up support systems, even if those systems are professional workers rather than friends and family.

I'd see if I could talk to someone at the hospital about the situation, rather than your doctor, who is likely, no fault to him or her, to be clueless in this regard.

Many of us are one or two friends or one or two decades from your situation. I have family, and I called my mother, and she told me I was overreacting and didn't believe me.