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Slowly, the liquor level starts going down and you can see this miracle happening right in front of your eyes.

Situated on the bank of Kshipra river, Chintaman Ganesh is one of the oldest and biggest Ganesh temples in Ujjain.

After killing Dushana, Lord Shiva took the form of jyotirlinga and started residing in this holy city.

In this blog, we have penned down few temples in Madhya Pradesh, visiting where can be an enlightening experience.The holy town of Ujjain holds a great religious significance for Hindus as it resides one of the Jyotirlinga called Mahakaleshwar.Located on the bank of Rudra Sagar Lake, the temple is also one of the 18 maha shakti peetham.According to Shiv Purana, Ujjain was the place where years back Lord Shiva appeared in his mahakala form to vanquish a demon called Dushana, who used to torture people of Ujjain city.Bhairav Parvat, Photo: Reckoned as one of the one of the 51 shakti peethas of Goddess Durga, Bhairav Parvat temple is a highly revered pilgrimage in Madhya Pradesh.

The temple located on the banks of the river shipra on top of Bhairav hills.Devotees usually visit the temple before starting and new venture or to get rid of all the worries.Inside the temple, you will see finely-carved stone pillars and white shrine, which dates back to 11th or 12th century.There are oodles of shrines in Madhya Pradesh, and these are supposed to be the places where the divinities are believed to have descended.Most of the temples in Madhya Pradesh have grand architecture and unique stories to tell.You may find it little astonishing but at the Shri Kaal Bhairav temple liquor is offered as ‘chadhava’ (offerings).