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Here are a few basic criteria to look for in your selection : If the answers are positive; chances are that they are running an honest and reliable dating website and matchmaker service.You should then be in good hands to find your future Russian bride. This type of Russian women scams uses the physical attractiveness feature.

They also want as many personal details from you as possible.If you’re not sure about them, request to communicate through the site and tell them you’re not ready to give out your personal details yet. But ultimately, if alarm bells ring, stop all communication immediately. Beware if they tell you they love you straight away Scammers often target people they think are more vulnerable, and then try very hard to get that person to fall for them virtually.They did not let the dating scammers prevent them from pursuing their dream of finding a beautiful Russian bride.Another good piece of advice is to not be “over generous” on your first meeting with the lady.You might think ‘I’d never fall for anything like that’, but a lot of these people thought just the same thing.

At e Harmony we have a lot of measures in place to prevent scammers joining the site, and a brilliant Risk Management team who are constantly checking for any profiles that might be suspicious.

Never, ever, EVER send money to someone you’ve not met This might seem obvious, it might even seem stupid that we’re pointing this out, but in most cases the scam is based around the victim sending money, or providing their bank details to the scammer.

No matter what their sob story is, it’s not your responsibility to bail out someone you barely know. Take extra care when talking to someone abroad We are in no way saying that anyone abroad, who’s widened their search for love, is a scammer.

Added to a loss of money and precious time, feelings are deeply hurt and the disappointment that follows will often lead to a state of general mistrust towards the whole concept of finding a wife in Russia.

We don’t want this to happen to anyone and be assured that we take all measures to recognize and prevent those scam artists from being on our website.

Our database isn’t the largest but it’s certainly among the best ones. We believe that the best publicity any company can get is word to mouth and this is how many of our clients find us.