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For Moodle specific questions and technology assistance, please contact the Moodle Help Desk through the Help Center Block.

This is approximately three days prior to the course session.

Accounts must have prerequisites verified and payment arrangements in place.

All activity grades will be posted in the Moodle gradebook.

Final grades will also be posted into your My HCC account.

During summer, winter or other variable time sessions (late start, fast track, express classes, etc): Students are eligible for graduated refunds during the first few days of a section.

During this period, students are eligible for a refund of either 100 percent of all tuition, the consolidated fee, and course fees or 50 percent of tuition and consolidated fee only.

If you need any technical assistance in your course, please use the 24/7 Help Center tools.

If you experience technical issues during an exam or assignment submission, you must contact the Help Center immediately to document and ticket your issue.

After the posted refund period for these sections, students are not eligible for refunds.

Failure to attend classes does not release a student from financial obligations to the college.

Information about the refund period is published in my HCC.