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Although dating counselors always advise to have a second date to double check your feelings, sometimes it becomes clear from the very first minutes of the date number one that you are with the wrong person and this date will be the last.

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That is why try to be concise and serious and don’t be too nice to him after your speech.

Otherwise, he may think he still has a chance and needs to put more effort.

There are some situations when a person is too busy to make time even for a short walk. Perhaps, a woman doesn’t want to go out with you simply because she is not in the right mood.

There are some days when the desire to stay at home and do nothing dominates. If you approach a girl on the street, you can’t know whether she is single or in a relationship.

Well, some women are used to the date rejection and they don’t care about their dating karma at all.

However, most of them don’t want to hurt their admirers’ hearts and feel the pangs of conscience every time they have to come up with an excuse or just ghost.

However, coming up with a non-existent boyfriend or husband is not a good idea, especially if the rejected man ever finds the truth.

It can be a good option to reject a stranger in a café, but if it’s someone you know for a while, don’t lie to get rid of him. If you want to avoid a date in the most painless way, compliment your admirer.

Mention his virtues and wish him to find the right girl.

One of the possible ways how to decline a date is to say that he is not your type but you have a friend and you think he is going to like her.

This is another way to make a man expect something bigger. If you rejected him and he asks for the explanation, you have the right to ignore his request. But if you have more things to say, and he doesn’t mind healthy criticism – why don’t you help him become better? You are trying to be nice while declining his offer to go out and your subconsciousness makes your mouth smile.