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By the way, I tried using a lower-case “d,” but that didn’t work, so make sure to use a capital “D.” After entering the number, the first page of the patent document is displayed.

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Since these are not considered designs, but functional objects, they continue to patent them even today.

If you see a patent number on jewelry, you do need to research it, and not just assume that you have a piece of pre-1955 jewelry. Please click the comments link below this article to add your comments.

PEND.”) to indicate that the patent had been submitted and was pending approval.

Later on, I’ll discuss how to locate a vintage jewelry patent when you don’t have the patent number.

Because they are images, you need to have the patent number to locate them.

Click the “View Full-Page Images” link to enter the number.Vintage jewelry patents are a wonderful way to date vintage jewelry that was created prior to 1955. Patent and Trademark Office has an extensive database of patents dating back to 1790.The documents provide illustrations (which are works of art in themselves), and filing and issue dates. It’s a great way to locate vintage jewelry patents when you know the patent number.Note that Design patents, which includes vintage jewelry patents, must begin with the capital letter “D” followed by a 7-digit number.If your patent number is only 6-digits, add a leading zero, as shown in the illustration below.Before downloading the patent document, make sure to click the “Full Pages” button so that the entire document will be downloaded.