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When a keyword is detected, Perfect Keylogger makes screenshot and immediately sends email notification to you.

support - you won't find it in most of competition products.

My wife has cheated on me more than once, and your program has pinpointed almost everything.

You can be sure that you will always have the most modern spy software!We have to tell you, that such a software is very complex and only 2-3 products on the market, including this, have a good quality to use them effectively. You can get an important data leaks or the system crashes!The program lets you easily view the log file, displaying the title of the window (for example, title: "John (Online) - Message Session" in Yahoo IM), the date and time of the action and the contents of the typed matter itself.Unlike some other spy software products, Perfect Keylogger does not send any information to our company. We guarantee absolute privacy, high quality product and technical support - that's why we have thousands of satisfied customers. For example, customers, who bought the first version in 2002, now can get the advanced latest version for free!Sincerely, Chris Blazing Tools tech support is, without a doubt, the best in the business.

The support I received was prompt, courteous, and helped me resolve an issue of infidelity. I'm usually long winded but I'll try to keep this short.

New Smart Rename feature lets you to rename all keylogger's executable files and registry entries using one keyword!

One of the most powerful features of Perfect Keylogger is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification.

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If you are purchasing any of our products as a result of being unhappy with your purchase of one of our competitors products, you are eligible to receive up to 50% off your order from us! Testimonials: I contacted your team yesterday, and was very pleased to hear back from you.

With Perfect Keylogger it is possible in just 2 minutes!