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Nowadays I know Clark runs some sort of Porn Bingo in Manhattan and since I live in Massachusetts fantasize about visiting NYC, going to one of those evenings where Will sees me and takes me back to his place where I fuck him a number times.To others I'd love to see naked in person are Mike Grant and Gus Maddox.

Pierce daniels wanted to 'do it' for free with us but we declined.

Casey Donovan - in the early 80's very sweet and a total pig who would do anything. Joey Stefano - a little too drugged when I did him. Damon Dogg - met him on the street and went to his hotel, I wanted a BJ but he wanted me to fuck him. ALSO -- Yes I know I'm a whore and I am Poz, healthy and I always disclose.

We also 'did it' with Leo Ford for free, and it was Incredible!

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Had Kip off the original Kipcam - or Austin Reeve as he was in porn. Did him a few times before he vanished Also had a hot time in Rick and Jeremy of's hot tub and sling. He was incredibly nice and sweet, he also wanted to cuddle at one point. He said he's versatile (as opposed to a top in his movies) in real life and wanted to flip-fuck with me. I was considering leaving up until he offered me some fruit to eat and I agreed.

Even though he's Brazilian, he barely speaks any portuguese. I wasn't sure, so when we fist kissed, I was sure the smell was of cum. I imagined that if I bit them, cherry juice would squirt out. (It was a PSA for condoms and safe-sex, with some queen singing "friend in my pocket") and when J. His lover, John Murphy, died a month before he did. Aiden Shaw (some of the best sex I've ever had)Max Grand (one of the most truly beautiful bodies I've ever seen... sex good, not great)the late great Jon Vincent (nutty crazy and an absolute pig, sexwise... he was the super of the building)Arpad Miklos (so hot... I always thought MD was just stand and pose, some touching allowed but definitely no kissing and no oral or anal. He's a hot mess who would go to the Hillcrest bars and flirt with guys then run back to his girlfriend. He has a masters degree from an Ivy league school, an insatiable sex addict and great companion. Back in the late 80's, ATKOL was sdvertising on one of the cable channels and they showed all the porn stars who had died of AIDS. I can't tell you how sad I felt, as if he were a personal friend. He liked some of the thrill of being in the limelight, but once that faded, he just wanted a simple life and a pleasant little home. We met at the Show Palace and I pretended not to recognize him. I've fooled around with Jack from Chaosmen, sort of. He then wanted money to go further because some rich guy in Escondido paid him for sex once. Then in the 90's with Jackson Phillips (screen name) several times in several cities.Years ago I thought Ray Harley was the cutest and sexiest little bear! He was always my favorite, becuase he looked like he was so into it and he did the sort of fake innocent thing in a way that really turned me on. Years ago, when I was 18 until 21-22, I used to periodically have sex with porn stars who danced at The Follies theatre in DC.After the show, we'ld go back in the backroom and suck and fuck.but a good bottom Al Parker - I sucked his dick at a sex party, he was really short and not that into me (Oh well)Ray Harley - I fucked him at a sex party at IML in Chicago. Enrico Vega - sweet and very piggy gives amazing head and rims like a dream Donnie Russo - I think he would have sex with anyone who asked but is great sex. No judgements please, Enrico Vega has one of the top "foreskins I'd like to slide my tongue under".