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Granted, the woman who played her sister in II & III didn't have an accent, but she's not really mentioned here....

And Henry Thomas has gotten reamed for not acting enough like Perkins did in the original -- but the first film took place after the events that occurred in this one.

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But he's on a radio show -- does anyone who knows they're on the radio really tell the whole truth?

Olivia Hussey has gotten flack for her accent -- though they never really say anywhere that she's American.

In the script, Norman was originally supposed to take a butcher knife and slam it into the apple but Perkins felt that was too corny.

See more » For those who like to nitpick, there are tons of continuity problems in this film from what was established in the other films.

As Hyde he searches the London streets at night for his prey in ...

See full summary » Norman Bates returns for this prequel, once more having mommy trouble.

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More of a sequel to the original than to "Psycho III" (although they sort-of mention the last one), we get the backstory on Norma Bates -- the overbearing mother that drove her son insane.

Told through flashback sequences while Norman is reminiscing to a radio-show host, this film delved into the mind of the man who's remembered as a monster and made him more of a sympathetic character -- though I think everyone who likes the series already took sympathy on the poor man.

And we finally get to see what makes a madman mad....