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It also made me realize how amazing it is to be young, vibrant and happy with life.

We sat at a random table since there was unassigned seating.

For the Friday-night meal, the students were graciously hosted by Rabbi Shimon Chrein and his family.

I marveled the whole weekend at how the hotel is a perfect example of post war architecture, it resembles in larger scale all the old road side motels with their neon blinking signs and swooping curves and large played out triangles. I love the square fixtures and the old furniture and carpets. As a child I used to accompany my father to many singles events, I was always the child in tow, sitting at a table with a bunch of older singles, divorcees and widows.It was never interesting, in fact I always hated when these women who were hitting on my dad would pinch my cheeks and say, oh he’s so cute, enough is enough I always though to myself.If you are wondering where the latest post went to- you have to visit my new site where all the comments are in tact and growing. I could not hear the Rabbi from my seat at all, in fact I couldn’t even see him considering the fact that the lights were in romantic setting mode, they were turned way down and combined with the drone of the older Rabbi and the dark color of the room itself I let myself gradually fall asleep.A couple folks sat down and the awkward meal began.

Two very weird ladies, one of whom was a speech therapist that my father started jokingly saying didn’t help me out when I stuttered back in the day.The event started Friday afternoon when the seniors arrived at their hosts’ homes.Shabbos began with the boys’ davening together at Aish Kodesh, after which they were privileged to hear a personalized and uplifting dvar Torah from Rav Moshe Weinberger.My old man is the chief person you want at your table if you want to get deeply offended.This women in fact got deeply offended and tried to change the subject.The ruach continued at the home of Rabbi Weingot with a spirited one-of-a-kind oneg.