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Some of the Go Pros on the market are also overkill for many of us who just want to capture our holidays and upload them to Youtube or social media.So for those who want a cheaper alternative to the Go Pro, or who just want to try a new kind of action camera, we've got you sorted.The company actually reckons the camera would be good for anthropologists, or people who need real-time data, and don't feel like stopping every five minutes to collect it. The action cameras includes a GPS, compass, accelerometer, barometric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and water sensor.

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Polaroid XS100i Extreme Edition (with Wi-Fi), £119.99, available at Amazon UK With a motion sensor, GPS, easy-edit feature, and slow motion, the Bandit is a serious rival to all the Go Pros out there.

Like the Go Pro, this little camera shoots videos in 4K and has a battery life of three hours when shooting at 1080p and 30 fps, although that drops considerably when using Wi-Fi to stream live to your phone.

They're the ones that are widely advertised, and seen in pop culture.

The amazing camera specs on the Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition also makes it the perfect tool for movie makers.

This is a no-fuss, durable, lightweight camera that is designed to withstand extreme environments.

Perfect for the kind of person who needs an action camera that will deliver, and who doesn't need to be constantly overwhelmed by This Olympus action camera looks like something from outer-space and has more sensors than you'll ever need.Montana Fishburne, the wayward daughter of “The Matrix” star Laurence Fishburne, was arrested early Saturday in Fort Lauderdale after a crash on I-95 near the Oakland Park Boulevard exit.Montana Fishburne, 25, was driving a white Toyota Corolla on the interstate at about 1 a.she rear-ended a Range Rover that had slowed down to avoid debris from an unrelated accident, police said. She, her passenger and the Range Rover driver were unhurt.Instead of receiving propositions for acting roles, Fishburne managed to alienate her famous dad, who also starred in “Hannibal” and “Man of Steel.” Laurence Fishburne had Montana with ex-wife and C-series actress Hajna O. “He told me he was embarrassed by me,” Montana told The Hollywood Reporter in 2011.Since she moved to Fort Lauderdale, Fishburne has managed to stay below the radar. She didn’t return a call and a text message requesting comment.Records show Fishburne moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2014 after a short career as a porn star then stripper in Texas.