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The initial goal was to make an extremely low budget adaptation of the early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man and the show began production with that in mind.

However, someone at Marvel freaked out upon hearing this as they interpreted the bad reaction to the Clone Saga that there was two Peter Parkers.

The series was then in production without any core story.

When Sony Pictures Entertainment got the film and animation rights for the character, the series faced significant development issues.

While fulfilling the contractual obligations, the series went on to become one of the most criticized and poorly received Marvel animated series.

Spider-Man Unlimited is the sequel series to Spider-Man and is loosely connected to the Marvel Animated Universe.

The series aired thirteen episodes starting October 2nd, 1999 and ending March 31st, 2001.Upon arriving Peter finds the High Evolutionary, a human tired of humanity, and bestials, hybrids of humans and animals, who are the dominant species.Jameson has teamed up with a revolutionary group of humans who are tired of being second class citizens.The producers toyed with Spider-Man 2099 for about a week but realized that Batman Beyond had more or less appropriated that property's territory.Sony's series became Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.However, he would find that Uncle Ben had not been killed on this world and the local Spider-Man would not have resisted becoming Venom.