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CITL offers Image Processing projects for Final year engineering and computer science students, IEEE Projects based on Images Processing, Mini Images Processing Projects.

Choose your final year project on image processing from our latest 2017 IEEE image processing projects or get help on your final year project idea and digital image processing tutorial.

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Note that the diagonal of the matrix is the variance of our four securities.So, if we take the square root of the diagonal, we can calculate the standard deviation of each asset (13.6%, 14%, 20.27%, and 5%).In steganography, the secret information can be hidden either directly by altering the pixel values of the images in the spatial domain or in the frequency components of the images after transforming the images into frequency domain by using transformation algorithms such as DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform), DWT(Discrete Wavelet Transform) and IW(Integer Wavelet Transform)..In this paper, secret data are embedded inside a video file using both the methods, spatial and frequency, and the outcomes are analysed and compared.Image Processing Projects involves modifying images by identification of its two dimensional signal and enhancing it by comparing with standard signal.

The second technique of image processing project is to modify characteristic parameters related to digital images.These parameters are difficult (impossible) to forecast, and the optimal portfolio calculation is extremely sensitive to these parameters.For this reason, an efficient frontier based portfolio is difficult to successfully implement in practice.The concept of an “efficient frontier” was developed by Harry Markowitz in the 1950s.The efficient frontier shows us the minimum risk (i.e.Derivation of Mean-Variance Frontier Equation using the Lagrangian (The Appendix B result is identical to what I show above, but the notation is a little different) Old school derivation by a young professor who later went on to win a Nobel prize Octave Code: This script will also work in Matlab, but I’ve chosen to use Octave since it is opensource and available for free.