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The band had its first independent concert on June 25 at the garden of Belgrade's SKC.

Besides performing cover versions of notable foreign bands from the sixties, the band wrote their own songs.In 1978, the band performed at the Novi Sad BOOM Festival and at the Zaječar Gitarijada feastival.A tour with Film came in 1981 when they traveled in a boat and played in sea side resorts.In the summer of 1981, a new drummer became Kokan Popović who previously played with Divljan and Kolar in Merlin and Zvuk Ulice.It is a complex concept album dealing with an anthropological approach towards orthodoxy.

The track "Poslednji dani" ("The Last Days") originally entitled "Maršal" ("Marshall"), dedicated to former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito, did not include the last verse due to the record company disapproval.The first ideas of forming Idoli came up in 1979 when a youth magazine published photos of a band called Dečaci which were actually photos of the first Idoli lineup.The photos featured witty remarks like, for example on March 8, 1979, a photo signed "Dečaci emancipuju žene" ("The Boys emancipate women").The recording of the album took more than four hundred hours which was a record in former Yugoslavia still to be broken.Guests on the album were Bebi Dol who did backing vocals on "Odbrana" ("Defence"), and Vuk Vujačić, Goran Grbić and Slobodan Grozdanović were a brass section on "Senke su drugačije" ("The Shadows Are Different"). It got the name from a Borislav Pekić book with the same title on which the whole album is based.The cover of the album is the Red Nude by Amedeo Modigliani.