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Established in 1961 on a principle of ‘making the future’, we are thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs and Nobel Prize-winners who are intent on changing things.We’re a multicultural campus and welcome spirited students who want to study in a creative and intellectually-challenging environment, encouraging you to open your mind and leave your mark on the world.

Click here to view our 2017-18 Course Handbook Click here to view the Course Request Sheet for 2017-18 Sussex Academy School Profile 2017-18 Please contact Debbie Fees, Academic Counselor, with questions.

The University of Sussex is a research-intensive campus university located within the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove, on the UK's south coast.

Our researchers are shaping the world as we know it and making a difference – whether that’s changing perceptions, shaping policy and practice or working in partnership to bring about positive change.

From paving the way for quantum computers to become a reality, to improving children’s mental health and their life chances, our research is highly respected nationally and internationally.

Whatever you want to achieve, Crawley College is here to support you on your journey to success.

We offer technical and professional courses for young people and adults in a wide variety of subject areas, taught by highly experienced curriculum staff.

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