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So there isn’t the space for Jameela to really shine but I did find her very natural and personable, despite nerves being clearly evident in the first hour.

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The antithesis of the sycophantic, giggling cliché of a radio sidekick, Annabel is not simply a travel presenter, she is a highly skilled performer, brilliantly talented writer and outstanding raconteur. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?In the last month, I’ve kept a tally on my phone of the amount of visibly physically disabled people I’ve seen out and about in bars, cafes, tube stations, restaurants, clubs and gigs. We don’t get that opportunity to see, they are just people.None of this, however, solves the puzzle of why it’s taken 60 years to have a solo, permanent female at the helm of the UK's Official Chart Show.The main requirements for the job seem to be an ability to know your numbers and correctly pronounce the names Nicki Minaj and Vato Gonzalez vs Lethal Bizzle and Donae’O (a new entry at number 20).I’m sure my parents, then in their 40s, weren’t sharing my interest.

When people say the charts are irrelevant, they just mean they’re irrelevant to them.

Jameela seems keen to dispense the myth that she was ever a girl about town/friend to the stars like Alexa though. So while I was expecting insider gossip about One Direction and Rihanna, the closest we got was the revelation that she’d touched Emeli Sandé’s quiff and it felt ‘like a rock’. Bruno Brookes was in charge the last time I tuned in to the top 40.

My finger was hovering over the pause button of my cassette deck so I could tape my favourites.

It was starting to look like the radio show equivalent of the Freemasons. I wasn’t alive for Churchill’s Fight Them on the Beaches speech or Orson Welles’ panic inducing War of the Worlds, so this was one historic broadcast I could listen to live.

Sixty years of the Radio 1 Chart show and not one solo, permanent female presenter. The only glimpse of any kind of real content was a few brief red carpet interviews with Brit award nominees.

Jameela told us, “The collection is for everyone that wants to wear it, I have created the items that everyone has always…